Call for Volunteers

Raise your hand if you want to be a Cucalorus volunteer!

With only four months until the 17th annual Cucalorus Film Festival, staff at the organization’s headquarters are seeking creative and dedicated individuals to join the passionate team of ambidextrous do-gooders for a wide range of positions.

Openings in the following departments are available: 

Box Office

Bold, courageous individuals should RSVP by e-mailing your resume (or a poem) to Lexi Lefkowitz at

True Adolescents

Cucalorus alum Craig Johnson has an exciting announcement!
His film, True Adolescents, is having it's limited theatrical release from July 29th-August 5th, 2011 at the reRun Gastropub Theater.

Opening Night Q&A with Mark Duplass, Director Craig Johnson, and Producer Thomas Woodrow.

Available August 30 on VOD, digital and DVD.

Amelia Earhart visits Cucalorus!

Our friend Amelia came out of hiding to fly around the world and gather a diverse batch of film submissions for Cucalorus. 

Madrid, Spain
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Chicago, Illinois
Tel Aviv, Israel
Brooklyn, New York
Los Angeles x 4
New York, New York x 2
Montreal, Canada
Portland, Oregon
Berlin, Germany
Winston Salem, North Carolina
Astoria, New York
Seattle, Washington

Stick those films in the mail today- 
Submission deadline: July 14th!

The film fairy strikes again!

Today's film submissions came from:

Wailuku, Hawaii
Los Angeles, California
Bakersfield, California
New York City
Boulder, Colorado

Keep 'em coming everybody!
Wilmington, North Carolina locals can submit up to three films for FREE!

High Seas Films presents....

Jengo's Playhouse
July 8th-7pm & 9pm

SIGHT|SOUND from High Seas Films on Vimeo.

Surfing is supposed to be an individual act. It’s supposd to illicit creativity and take place in a natural environment. It’s supposed to have moments familiar and original. It’s supposed to be both elegant and raw. Surfing isn’t supposed to be choreographed.
The surfer and board do what they want. Let them be seen as they want to be seen; let them be heard through only their motions. Let them surf in climates warm and cold, on waves big and small, on boards long and short, in countries near and far. Let the camera capture what it can.

Let there be Sight|Sound.

From the surfer-director of Picaresque, is another film without dialogue. Another group of talented individuals doing what they do best, with an eclectic soundtrack mixed-in to enhance the vibe.
Starring: Chris Del Moro, Justin Quintal, Kassia Meador, Alek Parker, Ryan Burch, Mikey DeTemple, Scotty Stopnik, Jared Mell, Daniel Thompson and Tyler Warren

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The Cucalorus Film Festival, November 10-13, 2011.


Fred Meyers, President and Founder