Cocktails, Cucalorus and UK Cinema

September 17th @ 7pm -- Satellite Bar & Lounge:

Join us for a special screening of Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil' in celebration of the UK Spotlight program at Cucalorus. Be among the first to purchase your festival pass and get a preview of what's to come!

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Sponsored by South Front Apartments, Wilmington's newest, urban green community.

Cinematique presents.... 'The Trip'

In anticipation of the Cucalorus Film Festival's UK Spotlight Program (November 10 - 13, more details at, Cinematique and Cucalorus present an EXTENDED RUN of The Trip

Playing loose versions of themselves, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon reunite with acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom for an acerbically witty, largely improvised ride through the English countryside. Tapped by The Observer to review fine restaurants throughout the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, Steve finds himself without a traveling companion after being turned down by everyone else he knows. Steve extends an invitation to Rob, and together the pair attempt to navigate the winding back roads of rural England, impersonating popular celebrities such as Michael Caine, Woody Allen and Liam Neeson (among many others) and bickering along the way. "The film is a wickedly funny joy ride that offers keen, unflatteringly honest insights on fame, midlife crises and the rivalrous nature of male friendship." - Minneapolis Star Tribune.

1 hr. 47 min. unrated.


Thalian Hall
310 Chestnut St.
Sept. 5-10 @ 7:30pm
Admission $7
Sunday Matinee
September 11
In the Studio theater
at 3:00pm

Ticket information:

Thalian Hall Box Office
910.632.2285 (Mon.-Sat., 2-6pm)

'Loves Her Gun' would love your support!

Cucalorus alum and friend, Geoff Marslett, seeks support from cultural explorers and philanthropists for feature film "Loves Her Gun".

“Loves Her Gun” is a cautionary tale of transformation, crime, guns, and hipsters. The narrative film follows Allie as she leaves Brooklyn, New York running away from a violent attack and an uneasy social life. She hooks up with an absurd band of karate rock musicians from Austin and embarks on a fast paced road trip across the south. Once she settles into the slower paced slacker lifestyle of central Texas, she finds new friends, work with her hands, a crummy place to live on the east side, cool water to tube in, and several new love interests. Despite all this some of the same old problems follow her. After the BBQ’s and skinny dipping parties, there is still crime, and possible violence against women is a legitimate fear anywhere. As Allie struggles to find new ways to feel strong and in control here in her new environment, she walks the fine line between reasonable self preservation and paranoid withdrawal. As she spends more time on the shooting range than she does in her apartment, can she maintain healthy relationships, or will the weapons she uses to protect herself actually cause new problems worse than the ones she was fleeing?

Help this ├╝ber talented filmmaker reach his goal.