A Monster of a Music Video Experience

Spaces are still available for this summer’s edition of Camp Cucalorus! Camp Cucalorus is a weeklong immersion into the world of music videos for budding filmmakers ages 10-18. Packed with behind the camera training, this summer camp will explore the creative world of music video production and editing. This four-day intensive camp promises to be a one-of-a-kind Cucalorus experience.

With industry professionals at the helm, students will spend one week working in small groups creating music videos for a local band. Hands-on instruction from award-winning filmmakers will be paired with demonstrations from local industry veterans. Each student will have an opportunity to work with a variety of cameras, take a turn in front of the camera and learn professional editing software. The band will be performing live at Jengo’s Playhouse, allowing youth to experiment with concert style filming and meet the members of the band. In addition to an immersion in the creative experience, students will get to see their artistic accomplishments in action at the super-special Premier Screening at Jengo’s Playhouse.

Camp Cucalorus will run 9 a.m. - 3 p.m, July 23-26, 2012. Space is limited so apply today! Camp enrollment is $395 and includes: Lunch and snacks for all 4 days, a DVD copy of the finished music video, behind the scenes field trip and 4 tickets to the Premier Screening at Jengo's Playhouse at 7 p.m. on July 26.

Cucalorus brings people together to celebrate, discover and create independent films. The annual festival provides a non-competitive environment to honor and support filmmakers.

For an application contact Jill Tefft at or 910.343.5995

The Waves are Pumping and the Films are Flowing at the Surfalorus Film Festival

                                                First Ever Surfalorus Film Festival

Have you been kissing the sun? We won’t tell your mama. But she’s gonna be real mad if you don’t shake out your shorts and head out to the first ever Surfalorus Film Festival. That’s right you little sand rabbits – the Cucalorus Film Festival is launching the area’s only film festival dedicated entirely the surfing lifestyle. Carve it into your board or write it on your wrist – Surfalorus takes place July 19-21 – that’s like two weeks from right now!!!!

After ten years of showcasing the tastiest surf flicks at the November festival, Cucalorians are now throwing up a summer festival just for surfers. The Surfalorus Film Festival will feature local films created by filmmakers of all levels as well as classic surf films, such as George Greenough’s Crystal Voyager from 1973, which will kickoff the festival on Thursday night.

The schedule of top-notch films will include “Indo Jax Surf Charities India Surf Surfari” by director Nate Daniel. The sixteen-minute short follows IndoJax founder Jack Viorel and his cohorts as they travel abroad to teach young girls the joy of surfing. A discussion with writer Chris Dixon about his recently published book “Ghost Wave” will take place on Saturday at City Stage Theater. “Ghost Wave” delves into the mysterious swells found at Cortes bank, a shelf of rock 100 miles off the coast of California that was discovered by Wilmington-born ship captain Archibald MacRae.

Zach Hanner, event co-organizer, began building relationships in the surf film community after being tasked with drawing in surf films for Cucalorus in 2001. Hanner is most excited about bringing together like-minded ocean lovers, who enjoy each other’s company and watching stellar surf films.

“My favorite part about Surfalorus will be seeing the tribe gather around to watch a surf film,” said Hanner, “This is an opportunity to catch up with people that you may only see in the water.”

All screenings are $5 at the door. Weekend passes ($20) can be bought right here!!! Buy as many as you want. All passholders get secret cool things like freakers and hugs and merkins. Surfalorus is sponsored in part by Sweetwater Brewing Company and hopefully some other really cool people. Send an email to if you want to be cool.

Surfalorus Film Festival – Schedule of events:

Thursday, 7/19 - FREE
Ocean Grill and Tiki Bar in Carolina Beach
Live surf rock with The Noseriders! 7-9 pm and Crystal Voyager at 9pm

Crystal Voyager- 1974
Dir. David Elfick, run time 78 min.

Shot by surf pioneer/innovator George Greenough, this film follows Greenough and friends Richie West and surfing champion Nat Young as they board Greenough’s yacht in search of empty waves. This film is famous for it’s final sequence, a trippy collection of in-the-tube shots captured by Greenough with a back mounted camera and scored by Pink Floyd’s Echoes. This film will be screened on the pier at the Ocean Grill Restaurant and Tiki Bar in Carolina Beach (1211 S. Lake Park Blvd, CB, next to the Golden Sands Motel)

Friday - July 20
Jengo’s Playhouse @ 7 pm: Happy Beach, Glass Love

Happy Beach - 2011
Dir. Jack Coleman, 34:00

A gimmick free contemporary surf flick, this quirky piece features some super cool use of multiple film stocks, even a few rolls that expired in 1989! In addition to some crazy processing techniques that give the movie a real texture, there’s also some super hot surfing from Ford Archbold, Dane Reynolds, Chippa Willson and Ozzie Wright. Winner of the “Most Experimental Work” award at the Surf Film Festibal in San Sebastian Spain, this one will leave you super stoked on shooting on film again.

Glass Love - 2006
Dir, Andrew Kidman, 64:00

Director Andrew Kidman is a triple threat in the surf world, a guy that can shape his own boards, shoot his own movies and then compose and perform the soundtrack. Basically, he’s the Australian version of Jack Johnson. This pursuit captures the quiet beauty of surfing from multiple angles. Exploring how surfing gets passed down through the generations, Kidman focuses on the Purchase family, one of Oz’s most dedicated surf clans, as well as the Curren family, one of America’s most legendary ocean families. Look for parts from Tom Curren, Dean Morrison and Neal Purchase, Jr., as well as legends like Nat Young, Skip Frye and the late Michael Peterson.

Friday - July 20
City Stage Theater 9pm: Indo Jax Surf Charities India Surf Surfari, Windansea, You Scratched My Anchor!

Indo Jax Surf Charities India Surf Surfari - 2012
Dir, Nate Daniel, 16:53

This heartfelt short follows IndoJax Surf School founder Jack Viorel and his cohorts as they travel to India to teach an orphanage of young girls the joy of surfing. Funny, exhilarating and deeply moving all at once, this film shows the beauty of kindness and how the ocean can unite different cultures and heal myriad types of wounds.

Windansea - 2012
Dir, Derek Dunfee, 8:00

Dunfee is an emerging writer/filmmaker who is also a serious charger in big surf. While composing an article about his beloved SoCal surf spot, Windansea (one of the legendary breaks where legends like Butch Van Artsdalen and Skip Frye cut their teetch), Dunfee documented the faces and surf styles of his community of waterfolk. Told simply through music and video portraits, this short embodies the stoke and feel of this preeminent surf break.

You Scratched My Anchor!- 2009
Dir, Capt. Fin, run time 30 min.

Capt. Fin (aka pro surfer Mitch Abshere) draws together a collection of hipster surfers for this goofball mixtape of a surf video. Using old, grainy ads as segues and featuring some red hot surfing from stylists Alex Knost, Kassia Meador, Tyler “Pickle” Warren and Jason “Ratboy” Collins, this film runs fast and furious, with the odd homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and, of course, taking its title from a Caddyshack quote.

Saturday - July 21
Jengo’s Playhouse 7pm: Fatal Wave, So It Goes, Josh Kerr Films

Fatal Wave- 2012
Dir. Zach Hanner, run time 4 min

This music video for Durham band Bustello features the rock trio as a variety of different Carolina Beach, cliques. When a group of teens try to surf on too big a day, they’re warned away from the ocean by fishermen, surfers and a threesome of CB drunkards. Shot with a wide variety of cameras on location at the Ocean Grill Restaurant and Tiki Bar, this story fortunately has a happy ending.

So It Goes- 2012
Dir. Clare Plueckhahn, run time 7 min.

Follow burgeoning Aussie pro surfer Felicity Palmateer as she navigates the peaks and pitfalls of contests, film shoots and various others hazards and pleasures that come with surfing for a living. An inspiring flick about being young, talented and able to rip!

Josh Kerr Block- 2012
Dir., Various

Pro surfer Josh Kerr has stormed on to the ASP tour over the past few years, and his sponsors at Rusty have had cameras on nearly every decent session he’s had over the last 24 months. This compilation finds Kerrzy at his best, traveling the world surfing exotic locales and also at home of the Gold Coast of Australia.

Saturday - July 21
City Stage Theater 9pm: Ghost Wave Talk with Chris Dixon, Beyond the Barrier

Ghost Wave Talk with Chris Dixon

Writer Chris Dixon recently published his book “Ghost Wave,” after a significant amount of research on the Cortes Bank, a shelf of rock 100 miles off the California coast that only breaks on the biggest swells. Discovered by Wilmington-born ship’s captain Archibald MacRae, this mysto beast has lured big wave aficianados from all over the world as they attempt to ride this massive, possibly deadly wave. Dixon will talk about the book and screen video taken during his research.

Beyond The Barrier-2007
Dir. Joe Cheshire, run time 60 min

Award winning filmmaker Joe Cheshire focuses his camera on the East Coast and boy does he find some ripping surfers! Featuring local boy Ben Bourgeois as well as OBX dude Jesse Hines, Florida pro Cory Lopez and many more, this flick proves that the East Coast can still offer some watery gems. Cheshire, currently a Wilmington resident, will be in attendance to answer questions following the screening.

11pm – until: Closing festivities will take place Saturday night at Satellite Bar and Lounge (120 Greenfield Street). Live music and classic surf flicks on the outdoor movie screen.