Walking SideWAYz Pushing Play and Pulling Strings: Part 2

Some of our most memorable moments from the Sidewalk Film Festival... 

We were on a walkabout to find some Kombucha and eat some film. A running tally of the 64 cars that honked at us while we sidewalked. We think it means we have finally infiltrated and are recognized as true local Alabamians. This gave us a tremendous amount of power that we used to carry out our plan.

The next day, we woke up with inside-out sheets again and Dan gave a subliminal seminar on “How to Break Boundaries” by performing handstands and asking people about their pants and playing the skin flute.

Ash and Blair were in charge of texting each other every 30 seconds, so that people would realize how important we are.

Leigh swooned when Rodney Mullen started doing tricks for her during his Q&A following Bones Brigade who oddly enough resembles Brad Land.

There was one day that we woke up and ate a standard breakfast of "chicken and waffles". We probably also went to some movies that day. 

Our Favorite Film Award goes to “The Klown” ... would you like an eye patch with that pearl necklace or what?!! (inside joke) We're sure there were some other pretty good films too.

Our Favorite Venue Award  was a close call between our bathtub at the Redmont Hotel and the Alabama Theatre. But when it came down to it, we decided that if History was a Hottub, it would be the Alabama Theatre. 

We definitely got sidewalktracked a coupla times at the VIP lounge by a thai massage and free nachos. 

Rachel Morgan, We would like to thank you for all of your drink ingredients that you provided....  None of us even remember what we did on Day 3.  

Thanks to the staff and volunteers for the Sidewalk Film Festival, you guys put on a great show.
Hope to see some of you at the festival this year, like you promised.

... and that’s how I met your Mother.

Walking SideWAYz Pushing Play and Pulling Strings: Part 1

 So this is the story of a journeying harem of adult filmmakers that hit the underbelly of the Sidewalk Film Festival last weekend. 

They pranced around the streets of Birmingham, leaving a trail of bacon bits and post it notes everywhere they went.

Let’s begin in the middle.

They’re shooting the “HotTub Harem 7”, it’s a three part artistic short series, filmed without cameras. Our guest star, Alex Karpovsky (from the TV Series "Girls") set a new standard of what people in the Industry like to call "foot action". They're currently filming the third episode, which will feature a Special Appearance by Aaron Hillis and  R. Kelly.

 (If any one is still interested in being in a film, please space your fax to our resume.)
We would like to bring attention to the fact that we were able to get all of the following  "adult" Film Makers to touch our film:

Melodie Sisk
Andrew Semans
Brook Bundy
Kira Pearson
Zach Clark

Here's proof: Our Director, Dan Brawley and Adam Donaghey, touching.


Don't you pass this up! Discounted Passes on sale through Sept. 30th!

Cucalorus Film Festival passes on SALE!

Cucalorus Headquarters is tickled fancy to announce that passes to the 18th Cucalorus Film Festival, November 8-11, are officially on sale as of August 15th. Discounts for passes will be available until September 30.  Be on the look out for this year’s monsters as the festival motif gets geared up to to celebrate the olympic talents of some of the world’s finest filmmakers.

This progressive southern film festival takes place in the enchanted historic district of Wilmington, North Carolina. Cucalorus is a non-profit that has been building a constructive community of creative individuals  for the past 18 years, extending support for resident artists, film-makers, choreographers, gypsies and aspiring youths. It is a non-competitive showcase of inspired feature films, enlightening documentaries, sequined shorts and bedazzled music videos from around the globe.  The festival, which screens more than 150 works each year from at least 20 different countries, has been called a “breeding ground for artistic appreciation and good times alike” by MOVIEMAKER magazine.

In addition to spirited and innovative films, this year’s festival will include Dance-a-lorus, a live performance featuring cultivated collaborations between choreographers and filmmakers.  The festival’s newest experimental showcase, Visual Soundwalls, has been expanding to become a sought-after reputable exhibit, with daily programs featuring independent music videos and interactive works on film. This year’s North Carolina retrospective artist, Jim Haverkamp, will orchestrate the first Strange Beauty Challenge, in which 13 filmmakers will be given a varietal selection of archival footage to create a short film in less than a week.

A quirky cultural experience for all humans, non-humans and monsters, Cucalorus has been one of Wilmington’s largest festivals for nearly two decades, so be sure to get your passes early. Festival attendees can take advantage of discounts on Pegasorus, Megasorus and Digasorus passes until September 30. The festival will hold its first ever Launch Party this fall, and all pass-holders are invited to suit up and get down on September 30.

 Discounted Pass Packages are below:

Pegasorus Pass Discounted Price $270 (regularly $300 on 9/30)
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Megasorus Pass $150
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15 tickets total to festival screenings
Access to Filmmakers' Lounge, entry to Midnite Brunch and access to Jengo's Backyard

Digasorus Pass $75 (regularly $85 on 9/30)
10 tickets total to festival screenings
Free access to events in Jengo's Backyard

Jibasorus Ticket Package ($45)
5 tickets total to festival screenings

For more information and to purchases passes visit: http://www.cucalorus.org/passes.asp or call 910.343.5995.

Cucalorus brings people together to celebrate, discover and create independent films. The annual festival provides a non-competitive environment to honor and support filmmakers.

*~*Cucalorians 2012 *~* Meet the Staff

What does it take to make a film festival happen? Well aside from the endless supply of glitter, the Stacker2 sponsorship, and all the leftover spaghetti.... it takes a crew of mudbloods and dopplegangers to organize the madness that is about to ensue. So in an effort to welcome you to the inside of our brains, we would like to cordially introduce you to our agents of chaos.

Ash McGuire
A 2 year box office volunteer, Ash is now tackling (with enthusiasm!) the role of Programming Coordinator for this year's Cucalorus. Ash will be in charge of processing all of your lovely entries, organizing and overseeing the programming process and spontaneously tap-dancing around the office. On her off days Ash can be found wandering around Cape Fear Community College downtown doing a wee bit of schoolwork, wrestling with her golden puppy, watching movies, reading books, and writing her bestselling memoir. 
1. Where were you last seen?
        on mars
2. What’s for breakfast?
        your mom
3. What is the weirdest thing in your purse/wallet?
        freakers have overrun my purse. I have no room for anything else.
4. Fill in the __________________________________.
        stuffed french toast.
5. What is your favorite smell?
        stuffed french toast.
6. Does Ja Rule?
        does Snoop, Dogg?
7. What is the optimal microwave time for popcorn?
        37 years
8. What is your earliest memory of getting in trouble?
9. Essay Question: What is the Capital Nebraska?
        what the French, toast?
110. Who would win in a cook-off, Vin Diesel or Will Smith?
        Dwayne (The Rock.) Johnson
123982. What song would you prefer to get into a bar fight to?
        Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend"

What’s Percolating Homefrizzles!

Whatitdo this week at the Jengo’s cribhouse?
With Camp Cucalorus wrapped up in cellophane, and the 18th Cucalorus Film Festival creeping around the corner alley, there is so much hustle-n-flow at the office that we thought we would offer you an exclusive bite of our joy tacos.

The teen film-makers of Camp Cucalorus had the premier screening of their their weeklong music video madness last Thursday. Throughout the week, this diverse group of creative movie-monsters filmed the band, Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine. While adding in their own props and decorations to the shoot, they taped and edited a music video for the band’s SMASH NUMBER ONE HIT BANGIN’ BACON WRANGLIN’ song “cellophane”.   Sunshine yellow umbrella-ellas, cowboy hats, nerf guns and Costco-sized rolls of plastic wrap are merely a few items featured in the video.

The monster-eating campers took the grand tour of Cape Fear Community College’s film studios and even became actors for the day! They also learned beginning film theory, chop-splicing and cross-fading editing techniques and wizardry. Astro-Mega FistPump to Khang Mai, film sensei of the galaxy for gettin‘ jiggy wit it and imparting your knowledge with these aspiring youths.

In other worldly news, our staff here at Cucalorus have been fervently watching the submissions for our 18th festival that will take place in November. So far we have received submissions from maybe 90,000 countries (+/- a 89,964). These films are looking top notch, but we don’t know how they sound yet so check back in next week for the sequel to this blorg and our impersonation of YOLO cats.
Holla back blogaloruians, keep it tight.

#whatitdo #blogcabins