SPACE LAUNCH PARTY! Monster Muncheon Sept 30!

Once upon a Moon, there was

OH gorsh. how'd that get in there? CALM DOWN BUSTER! 

Much better, Okay so this year (2012), our precious little sunshine, CUCALORUS  is finally legal.  And we are going to through her a bash that will live in infamy for space-ages to come!

SEPTEMBER 30th! get ready for this!!

The party will coincide with the Final Countdown to our kickstarter! That's right, we're throwing a party no matter what. All of our backer's who donate at least FIVE SINGLES (dollar bills, not your dateless friends.)  This party is to commemorate all of our cheese-loving sponsors, passholders, and volunteers. Backing our project on Kickstarter is your ticket in. Don't be shy now, there are plenty of other gluten-free prizes for backer's with Daddy Warbucks pockets.

Our dear friends at 128 S. Front St have generously donated their space banquet for our use. So for their sake, let's try to keep the trapeeze acts in the court yard. We want them to stay our friends. They always have the best cheese.

Here are some tastes to wet your buds of what's ahead:

-BYOPeanutButter, because we have so many Jams to Jive your Jelly. (that's right, music)

-an early selection list of films that will be screening at the festival!! Hot off the Press.

- The Bluth Family 

-enough alcohol to give a full grown lumberjack a burly hangover. (please drink repsonsible people under the table, we want to weed them out ahead of the festival.)

- A CUCALORUS. Don't know what that is? We'll here's a little dribble of science for you. 

-SCREEN-PRINTING STATION! That's right, bring your pants, your hats and your grandma's dog. We'll be plasting monsters on all your latest designer drab, whether you like it or not.

- A booth. This is certain. What type of booth? Well... it may be a phantom tollbooth , maybe a photobooth, a kissing booth, a videohunt booth, or a George Michael Bluth, either way you are guarenteed to get some top-shelf pants action

 Thanks for possibly reading this. If you didn't, just go here and pledge all the money in your daddy's bank account.

Over and out blogaloriuns. Keep unfolding.


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